Upon arriving back in Anchorage on July 2nd, the family quickly got back into the swing of responsibilities and ministry opportunities. They were welcomed with a family of hornets or yellow jackets that had invaded the space while they were away. Thankfully, they were taken care of quickly.


The family sang in a 4th of July celebration/get together at Crossroads First Assembly on Sunday afternoon. There were quite a few visitors from the area that they were able to connect with along with the church people we have grown to love during our time there in Anchorage.

On Monday, July 4th, Bro Martin felt in prayer that he should go to the Brother Francis shelter and play patriotic gospel songs for the homeless. He asked permission of the authorities there and received warm favor to do so. Daddy expressed to me his sincere joy in using the talent God has given him to bless these people. He really felt a connection with the veterans as he played the National Anthem. He also went to the downtown park to play the trumpet. He was blessed by how people would stop to listen and salute.




The family came back to Anchorage with a greater level of ministry opportunity. The lady that was over the music at the Downtown Soup Kitchen during the lunch hour has now moved away to be with family. This means the girls will be ministering in song on a daily basis. There may be others to help from time to time, but they will be doing a majority of it. Please keep them in your prayers!

Many of y’all may have heard us speak of the opportunity to begin services for the homeless on a weekly basis. Bro Martin is meeting with the director of the Downtown Soup Kitchen to go over details about that opportunity. Please pray for wisdom and Holy Ghost empowerment for every step of the way.

We greatly appreciate you agreeing with us in prayer for God to have His way through Bro Martin, Julie, Jalisa, Jordan and Joy in Anchorage, Alaska.