Rejoice with me (x4)!!!!

Hope Church was blessed to have 30 people in attendance on this first Sunday (June 24, 2016). My girls did a wonderful job leading the worship in song. We gave out about 15 new Bibles sent to us by Bro. Larry Landress.


I preached on “HIDE & SEEK” from Genesis 3. It is the oldest game that started out serious. Such a sweet presence of the Lord prevailed. When I gave the invitation, 4 precious souls responded by coming forward for prayer, indicating their desire to be saved. Another told me later she should have come as well, and is moving that direction. Please rejoice with me and pray for God to strengthen them daily.


Then we served them a lunch of taco soup and nacho cheese/chips. They were very appreciative for the food. And we enjoyed sweet fellowship together around the tables.


They are so happy to have a church that they really feel a part of! Most of them have stories of rejection and hurt in past church experiences. Please pray that God will give us grace to never cause one of these little ones to stumble.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in what God is doing in Anchorage, especially for these street people. Thanks for being our friends and holding us up in prayer. We love you!

Bro James Martin and family