We’re back again sharing the faithfulness of God at Hope Church. Thank you for staying tuned in each Monday to hear how God is working through Bro Martin, Julie, Jalisa, Jordan, and Joy there in Anchorage, Alaska. The family has enjoyed having the oldest brother/son, Jason, and his oldest daughter, Laynie, there for a visit this week. Jason has been remodeling the bathrooms in their home which has kept him quite busy. In the meantime, the girls have taken Laynie to the Fair and Zoo making wonderful Alaskan memories for her.

There were around 45 people that came to service yesterday: some that had never come before. Jason and Laynie helped the girls out with the music part of the service and Bro Martin shared about God seeking those who were lost. The illustration had greater meaning as Bro Martin had taken Jingles (Our beloved poodle) outside yesterday morning. After leaving him out to do his business, Bro Martin went back out to bring him in. Upon seeing that Jingles was not out there, he realized that the gate had been left open the night before thus providing a way for him to escape. Thankfully, he hadn’t wandered too far and was quickly found. As all of you know, losing something special to you can make your heart jump up into your throat! Oh, how Jesus must feel! Three precious souls responded to the invitation to pray.

George*, a disabled man, slowly shuffles every Sunday morning to get to church. He is just so excited to be there! He has no choice but to be homeless throughout the summer due to the high tourist population creating higher living expenses. The state requires for landlords to decrease the amount of rent they charge in the winter thus making it possible for some to afford the rent. George expressed to Bro Martin his excitement for September to be here so he can have a place to live.

Each Sunday the visitors receive a card for them to write their name, number and any prayer requests they may have. Bro Martin expresses, “Its heartbreaking to read the extremity of the needs that these precious people have.” We are so thankful for the opportunity to share Jesus, the source of our hope, with these precious people.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

May God bless you!

Joanna Rich

*Name changed to protect privacy