The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:…” Deut. 33:27


This verse has been such a strength during trials. Taking the first three words of this verse “The eternal God”, we see the truth that God has forever been. On bus route visitation today, my husband and I began talking to a young man who was full of questions about God. We were so thankful to see how God had been touching his heart. One of the questions he asked was how God was created. Derek answered first of all with the description of God as eternal.


  • We can trust a God that was not created with human hands, but has forever been and will forever be.
  • To take it a step further, it’s who God is to me and you that makes this of such significance – He is our refuge, habitation, or dwelling place.
  • Our Heavenly Father want us to know Him as the One who will always be there (in the truest form) for us.
  • Furthermore, God has chosen to place His everlasting arms underneath us to show us His love and care for us.
On this point, I felt like sharing a story that my precious Grandma Martin shared before she went on to her reward. She said there was a lady in their church while they were pastoring that was going through so much. Grandma had been really burdened for this lady and prayed much for her. One night, Grandma had a dream and she saw this lady’s head out in the boisterous waters, but she saw a big hand underneath her chin. God spoke to my Grandma, “She’s just as safe here as she would be out on the shore.”


My dear friend, no matter what you are going through right now, put your trust in the eternal God that is your refuge and allow His love for you to secure and protect you.