We’re coming with a wonderful report from Anchorage, Alaska!


The Downtown Soup Kitchen allowed Bro. Martin to use their van to pick up people for church. They got it completely loaded and headed back to the church when a man in the van hollered emphatically, “STOP!” again and again. Bro Martin came to a stop to see what was going on with him. He then opened the door and hollered out of the van, “Hey cuz, you need to come on up here for church and they have really good food too!” After the van door was closed and they were on their way again, Bro Martin used this incident as a teaching tool for everyone else. He said, “We are having church because we have the Good News to share.” Bro Martin preached about “A Love that Deserves a Response.” He shared a story in memory of September 11, 2001 about a lady that was rescued from the World Trade Center. In response to the love that was shown her, she named the child that she gave birth to after the man that rescued her and her unborn child. Bro. Martin tied it into what our response should be to the love of God that has been shown to us. We praise the Lord for the response of these precious people to God’s amazing Love.


After church, Bro Martin went down to the hospital for about 3 1/2 hours. He visited patients and also ministered to the staff. There was one of the RN’s that especially opened up and shared some of her background in a foster home and how she was taken to a “holy-roller” church. Because of her raising in that type of a church, the other denominations didn’t suit her. We are trusting God for the seeds sown to bring forth a great harvest for the Glory of God.


Bro Martin and the family had the privilege of attending an ordination service for a faithful volunteer at the Downtown Soup Kitchen on Sunday night. This volunteer made mention in his speech that he was glad to have the  pastor at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, Pastor James, there. My baby sister, Joy, relayed this special honoring time to me. She thinks it is really neat to hear her Daddy referred to as a pastor, since he’s been a missionary/evangelist for her whole life.


Thank you for all who prayed for Susan* last week as she underwent surgery. She came through it good, and scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today. The Brother Francis shelter is allowing her to stay in a private room in order to recover away from the elements. We praise the Lord for this.


We greatly appreciate you agreeing with us in prayer for a mighty revival among the homeless in Anchorage, Alaska! May God bless you!


*Name changed to protect privacy