Julie Martin shares of her experience at the Women’s Shelter today:

“Casey* came to me this morning and was crying. She said she has been drinking every day and wants to change but does not see a way out of drinking! She wanted me to pray for her! I talked to her and told her that she has to make a choice to turn to God for her help and not to beer! As I began to pray for her, I felt God keep on telling her through me that she is a overcomer of whatever life brings her way and that He wants to heal the hurts and pain from the past and present!! When we got done praying she kept on saying to herself, “I am a overcomer, I am a overcomer!” I am so very thankful for my job that I can pray with the ladies openly and give devotions MondayFriday!!! God is so good!”

Please rejoice with us in how God is working in Casey’s* life and please continue to pray for her and for Julie who is reaching out to these ladies on a daily basis. Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers! We appreciate you!

*Name changed to protect privacy