We are coming today with a more lengthy update. Thank you for taking these needs upon your heart.


Julie sent me a picture yesterday of a lady that I had shared about in our last Newsletter of how God’s love had transformed her life. Before I had left in March, she had a place to live and was very excited about it. She came back to the shelter Sunday night because the bills became too much where she could no longer afford her own place to live. I had the opportunity to talk to her over the phone. What she shared was most heartbreaking. She told me that her youngest son died three weeks ago in jail. He was a heroin addict and was also suicidal. The jail was told to put him on lockdown and watch over him very closely. For some reason, those instructions were not followed. The officials will not disclose the information as to whether he died from drying out too fast from the heroin or from suicide. As you could imagine, this precious mother is heartbroken. She kept telling me, “I just don’t know what to do!” Please pray for Mary*.


There was 52 attendance for church and 60 for lunch this Sunday. Bro Martin preached a message aboutThomas who was “Won Over by Jesus’ Wounds”. Bro Martin used the image of the Question Mark (?) to illustrate the twisted, distorted, and doubtful thinking that prevails when our focus is earthly and downward; whereas if we will direct our hearts to God & look up to Him, He will straighten out our thinking and we will be characterized by the Exclamation Mark (!)


Bro Martin shares, “Many responded to the invitation: I asked all those who purposed to look to God for their answers to lift both hands up to Him and cry out to Him. What a sight! Many (about 20) were standing, with hands lifted, crying out to God! Of those, three came forward for special prayer: One was having extreme pain from arthritis (She told me in the van when I was taking them back to shelter that almost all pain was gone! Praise the Lord!) There was also a young native mother who has lost rights to her two children and tearfully asked for prayer for them. Furthermore, there was Native lady whose aunt had just died that day in one of the remote villages and was grieving deeply. It was so refreshing to see God touch these hearts.


The long hours of daylight is dwindling. Bro. Martin has been working hard to get some projects finished up around the house before winter settles in. Julie shared with me how they are expecting a “GOOD” winter, which in Alaskan terminology means frigid temps with much snow and ice. The family has shared that many of their neighbors have been working hard to finish projects on their homes too. I’m reminded of the words of Jesus “Work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work.” The end is upon us; therefore, we must view every soul through the lens of eternity and be motivated to do ALL WE CAN WHILE WE CAN!


May God bless you!


*Name changed to protect privacy