I’ll start out with a couple corrections to last week’s posts:

  • The lady that shared with the family of them feeling like her own family was actually the lady with the arthritis instead of the lady whose aunt had just died.
  • The quote I had made mention of in the beginning of last post, Conflict or Combat? was actually stated by the late Gary Smalley’s son, Greg Smalley.

Thank you for accepting my corrections.

We come to you today with a very special report from Anchorage, Alaska.

Bro Martin will share some details of what took place this weekend with Hope Church and the precious lives they had a chance to reach out to.

At Bean’s Cafe, I asked Edna* to announce Hope Church, and offer rides. While I was standing there, Grace* (middle age native) walked up. Edna* quickly told her, “You’ve got to go out now! You’ve been drinking.” Grace* then turned to me. I walked her outside. There we stood as I told her of God’s power to deliver her. She tearfully told me her story of past belief in God and diligent devotions, complete with notebooks of thoughts. “I know John & Romans.” But she “gave up on God”, and turned to drink. She said, “I know God would never forgive me for all I’ve done. I could never deserve Him to forgive me. No, never. I’m not homeless, but I come down here to sin and to drink.” She refused to come to church with me. As I drove out of the parking lot toward Hope Church, she was sitting on the curb with tears still running down her face. My prayer was, Oh Lord Jesus, please give her repentance to the acknowledging of the truth, that she may recover herself out of the snare of the devil!

We had a smaller attendance at church than normal due to it being the first of the month when many getting paid and also the receiving of oil dividends. I preached on  “FREEDOM THROUGH FORGIVENESS”.

Two special testimonies were shared as a result of what God did in service.

  • Regina* was radiant! She said, “God helped me to forgive my mom! Other times I’ve followed prayers by others who told me I HAD to do it. But this time is different! I CHOOSE to forgive her, and release her into God’s hands.”
  • A young lady was noticeably affected. She came for the first time last Sunday. Her countenance was expressionless. But today she responded to the invitation, conscious of her need for God’s forgiveness, and willing to forgive others. After the service, she rode on the van back to Bean’s. I looked at her in the rear view mirror as she said with deep conviction, “Wow! You really talked to me today. That’s just what I needed to hear!”

We want to thank you for the part you have in these souls hearing about Christ. May God richly bless you!