About 70 people were in attendance at Hope Church this Sunday. One of the reasons for the increase in attendance was the fact that Bro. Martin felt led to change the service time to 11am instead of 10am. The people are very thankful for this change because they are able to get in on the feeding program for breakfast before they come to church.


We have a special request for prayer:

There was a minor disruption to the service that caused somewhat of a challenge. A mentally handicapped man under the influence of alcohol came into the service and stood at the front as a distraction. We praise the Lord that there was no physical harm done to anyone. Yet, we would appreciate you agreeing with us in prayer that God will restrict any distraction from His will being performed in each service. We sense the urgency in each service of souls coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus and “We are not ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices.” (2 Cor. 2:11). Thank you for joining us in prayer.

The family also had the opportunity of ministering at the Pentecostal church in town during the afternoon. God blessed them with a special time in His presence.


Wedding bells are ringing in the Martin family once again! Jamin & Allison will be married on November 11th! We are excitedly anticipating this special occasion. Therefore, preparations are being made for the family to return from Alaska within the next couple weeks.

The suitcases have made their reappearance this week as Julie and Jalisa are preparing to come back to the Lower 48 for a couple weeks prior to Bro Martin, Jordan & Joy’s return. The Women’s Shelter ladies have given Julie a hard time saying they haven’t given her the permission to leave. No doubt she will be missed, but she and Jalisa are looking forward to spending time with family and having a much needed time of rest.

Thank you for your interest and prayers! May God bless you!