The Snow has come!! On Thursday evening, about 4 1/2 inches of snow fell in Anchorage, Alaska. The family has been enjoying the beauty and the delicious snow ice-cream! (On a side note: If you’ve never had snow icecream, you are missing a lot! )
Anchorage, AK Snowfall
Julie and Jalisa made it safe and sound to good ‘ole Texas Monday morning! Thank you for your prayers for them. No doubt Daddy, Jordan & Joy will miss their presence there in Alaska, but not for long. Bro Martin, Jordan and Joy will be returning home the 7th of November in time for Jamin and Allison’s Wedding.
We are excited for how God is continuing to work in the hearts that have been attending Hope Church. This Sunday, Bro Martin preached from 2 Corinthians 5 and titled it “God is not mad at us!” The reality of God’s desire to bring reconciliation arrested their attention. Five precious individuals answered the invitation to pray around the front for salvation. Several more raised their hands for special prayer. We praise God for each one that was present and the seeds that were planted in their hearts. We know that God’s Word will not return void! (Isa. 55:11)
Eating after Hope Church
A disabled man whom we shared about a couple months back (Click here), George*, took the hour and 45 minute walk through the ice and snow to get to church Sunday morning. His determination is amazing! He had a procedure done on his eyes yesterday, so Bro Martin gave him a ride and stayed with him until they completed the procedure. Please pray for George*.
We pray God will bless all of you, our fellow laborers and friends!!