It is always a joy to share how God is working in Anchorage, Alaska. We appreciate you taking these updates to heart and praying for the needs we share about.


It’s been awhile since we have shared anything about Anchorage Native Medical Center. Bro Martin is still a chaplain there and makes visits several times a week. He had a special incident happen this week. One of the nurses in CCU called to tell him that there was a man by the name of Jerry* who could not speak but wanted to see a preacher. Bro Martin shares the following experience: “I went and found the same Jerry* that I had talked with several weeks before, with little seeming headway. This time he showed me a paper on which he had written, “I scared to go to sleep. I died twice in a couple days ago. What if the devel wants me.” To this I replied by opening my Bible to read Scripture to him. I read John 6:37-40; I Jn 1:9; Romans 3:23; 5:8; 6:23; 10:9,10; then finished up with Heb. 2:14-18. He wrote again, “NEVER slept in 2 days. They took out my TUMOR in my throat.” (He had a total laryngectomy) As we prayed, he really gripped my hand firmly, and when I quit he was noticeably moving his lips in prayer. Then he wrote, “You made feel better”. As I walked out of the room, took off my mask, and slid the glass door shut behind me, I looked back in at him. He was sitting up in his bed, waving to me with a huge smile on his face. Thank God for His peace! The next day, Jerry* was very happy to see me. Great big smile. He put his hands together, then leaned his head over on them to illustrate that he had gotten sleep! What a miracle!” We ask you to please pray for Jerry*.


Hope Church had a wonderful crowd yesterday and most of all, a great move of God’s presence in the midst. Bro Martin preached on a “Haunted House or Holy Temple?” With Halloween being on most minds, this was a very fitting message. Bro Martin dealt with sin clearly and the false idea that the deeds done in the body is separate from what the condition of the soul is. Several came up to Bro Martin afterward and shared how they needed that message.

Jordan and Joy jumped right in to serve the people a delicious noon meal of Taco Soup, Nachos, and ice-cream for dessert. The people enjoyed it very much!

A week from today, Bro Martin, Jordan and Joy will be making their arrival back to Texas. There is mixed emotions with wanting to see family and friends down here, but not wanting to leave the people they have come to love so deeply there. No doubt the 3 weeks will fly by (too fast for us!!!) and they will be back again.

We pray all of you are experiencing the joy of living a life full of service to the Lord! There’s truly no greater life to live.

God bless!

*Name changed to protect privacy