Bro Martin, Jordan and Joy made their arrival to Dallas, Texas around 5:30 yesterday morning. We praise the Lord for safe travels! This week will be full of activity with warm welcome wishes along with getting things ready for Jamin & Allison’s wedding this weekend!


There was a great influx of attendance yesterday morning at Hope Church. As we have mentioned before, many times the attendance goes down at the beginning of the month, yet that wasn’t the case this month. Bro Martin preached on “A Recipe for Hope” using an acrostic for the word HOPE. There was a tremendous response to the Word of God!


Bro Martin shares a powerful story of God’s intervention in a life:


 “A nurse requested that I visit her patient, Billy Wells*. He had been a youth pastor, but had turned his back on that. So I entered the room where he was alone, curled up on his bed.  When I knocked, he opened his eyes and moved. So I stepped in and introduced myself. I told him I was concerned about his spiritual needs. He responded, “That’s certainly where my needs lie.”  He told me that he had been a youth pastor, but had turned away to alcohol, drugs, and such.  He opened up to many evil spirits which had begun to torment him and control him. He is the head chief of a gang of over 1,000 native men. He said very recently the demons so “had” him that they raised him up into the air off of his bed. His girlfriend and cousin tried to push him back down onto the bed.  I began to plead the blood of Jesus and quote Scriptures about the superior power of Jesus. When I quoted Jn 10:10, he spoke in a different voice “I give life too!” Then he seemed in a trance, and his body began to tense, stiffen, and started to lift up. His girlfriend and nephew told him to just relax and don’t stress. I rebuked the lying spirit, and bound Satan’s power over this man. I told him to begin to call on Jesus, which he did! He began to cough and gag like he was expelling something. He started to pray, repenting of his sins of rebellion and renouncing every opening of himself to evil spirits. Then I prayed for his physical healing.” We ask you to please pray for a complete work of salvation in this man’s life.


Bro Martin also shares, 
“Gary, who got saved 2 weeks ago, got a good haircut. When he mentioned it, I told him, “Well, its the same you that I love.” He replied, “No, I’m not the same old man. I’m a new man in Jesus!””


We would appreciate you praying for the Holy Ghost anointing to rest upon the ministers that are caring for the church while Bro Martin and the children are away.
May God bless you!