We are excited to share with you how God has worked in the behalf of the Martin family and Hope Church this week. As you may remember, we mentioned a couple months back about looking for a bus to purchase in order to pick up more people for church. As Bro Martin was praying about this need and looking around, he found a bus that was well taken care of and reasonably priced. However, the main dilemma was the need for Bro Martin to get his CDL license. He began to check into all that was required. He went through the process of obtaining a health card as well as the needed preparation for the extensive tests. We are happy to tell you that Bro Martin passed the test on Thursday and was able to pick up the bus that Hope for the Home Ministries had secured.


There was no time spared in putting the bus to good use. On Friday night, Bro Martin picked up a group of children from Anchorage City Church who had prepared to do a Christmas Cantata at the Downtown Soup Kitchen. On Saturday, the Hope Mobile was used to transport the Martins along with other young people around town for Christmas caroling. And on Sunday, the Hope Mobile was filled with people desiring to be at Hope Church! We praise the Lord for His provision of this vehicle!
There was a great turnout at Hope Church this Sunday. About 70 were in attendance and 5 precious souls came up upon the invitation to be saved. To God be the Glory for the things that HE is doing!!
The head chef at the Downtown Soup Kitchen has now offered to prepare food for Sundays. This has greatly relieved Julie, Jalisa, and Joy from the load of cooking on Sundays.
We want to thank you once again for praying for the ministry of the Martins and Hope for the Home in Anchorage, Alaska!