We have an exciting report from Hope Church on Sunday. There were around 90 people present at the service. Bro Martin preached about how Mary’s life illustrates that God can move us “From How? To Wow!” Luke 1:37 says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” We praise God for all He did in the hearts of those that were present!


It has been a quite hectic time for the Martin family. There have been many things to take care of around the house as well as ministerially. Bro Martin got studded tires on the new bus and has been working to get the previous lettering off. When I called him on Saturday, he was sitting on a bucket in the snow with a hand-held heater trying to get the letters to come off. Brrr!


It continues to snow there, which I guess is expected for Anchorage weather. The homeless people look forward to the snow because it actually gets warmer when it snows. It does cause a little challenge for Julie as she is responsible for taking the ladies in a van without studded tires. On one occasion last week, she had come to the top of a slippery hill and someone stopped in front of her. Thankfully, the car behind her moved out of her way; she rolled down the hill and started at it again. Praise God for protection! Julie’s hours at the Women’s Shelter has changed. Therefore, her alarm now goes off at 1am!

Please pray with us for a powerful presentation of the Gospel this Christmas!
We love y’all!