We are coming to you with wonderful news from the Martins in Anchorage, Alaska. They have thoroughly enjoyed having the Millikin family and Sis Rachel McCutcheon there this week. They have had some wonderful experiences together such as ministering at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, Hope Church, and God’s Mission House as well as sledding, ice-skating, playing monopoly, and trying an Eskimo delicacy, Muktuk (raw whale).


     On Wednesday evening after they arrived home from the Downtown Soup Kitchen, Bro Martin asked Bro Jimmy to give a family devotion. Bro Jimmy shared a personal testimony of how God changed his perspective to see that the rewards of ministry far outweigh the sacrifice. Daddy relayed to me that if they came for no other reason, that devotion was exactly what he and the children needed to hear. The time of prayer afterward was very refreshing for the whole family.


     The Downtown Soup Kitchen guests greatly enjoyed the singing each day.  They were especially delighted by the children singing as well as Bro Jimmy playing the saxophone.


     On Saturday, everyone loaded up in the bus and Bro Martin drove them up to Whittier to do some sight-seeing. They were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Portage Glacier, but it wasn’t clear enough to do so. However, they really enjoyed the beautiful sights along the way.


     There was a great crowd of people at Hope Church on Sunday! Bro. Martin filled the bus 3 times with people wanting to come to God’s house! The Millikin family and Sis Rachel ministered in song and then Bro Jimmy preached a powerful message. We believe the seeds of God’s Word will bring a great harvest!


     Sunday afternoon, they went over to God’s Mission House and ministered there. Bro Martin made mention that God really touched hearts around the altars there. After the service, they had supper for everyone complete with Muktuk. Bro Jimmy & Sis Shauna was able to get it down, but it definitely didn’t leave a pleasant taste in their mouths!


     The Millikins and Sis Rachel will be flying out around 2 am in the morning. Please pray for their safety in travel. Julie communicated to me that they feel they have made lifelong friends during this week and will miss them greatly!


      We want to say, “Thank you”, to the Millikins and Sis Rachel for taking time to come and be a blessing in Anchorage, Alaska! We know your labor is not in vain in the Lord! (I Cor. 15:58)