We had a really good service this Sunday. Bro Martin preached “How the Curious becomes Committed” from the story of Zacchaeus. Bro Martin shares, “I could tell the regulars were drinking in the message. Two came forward for prayer first and then as we prayed for those, more started coming up for salvation, healing, and special needs.” Several of the regulars shared comments afterward how they love their church and are so thankful to have a place to come.

The Hope Mobile was used this week as a moving truck. George*, a disabled man whom we have mentioned in previous updates, found an apartment to move into. Bro. Martin was able to locate some used furniture and move the items into his new home. He was very thankful!

Bro Martin had the opportunity to minister to a man in the Native American Medical Center last week. He shared his negative experiences with churches and had a lot of questions due to the treatment he had received from churches. He thanked Bro Martin for the compassion and concern he showed to him as an individual. He also shared how the opportunity to talk to someone had helped him so much.

Sadly, there have been multiple homicides in Anchorage the last couple of weeks. Bro. Martin received a call this week from the Native Medical Center nurses to visit a family there whose 20 year old relative had been murdered that morning. Bro Martin took the opportunity to share a clear Gospel message with that family. We pray this family will be turned to the Lord through this tragedy.

Please keep the Martin family and the precious people of Anchorage, Alaska in your prayers!

God bless you!
Joanna Rich, Ministry Assistant