This weekend was quite eventful for the family in Alaska. The Downtown Soup Kitchen had a special event on Saturday where they did a backpack giveaway, lunch, and foot washing. Bro Martin shared a devotional from John 13 on  “Practical Expressions of Love.”


Bro Martin shares an experience of God’s guidance:


“As I drove the bus from the Downtown Soup Kitchen, I was debating in my mind whether I should drive directly to the Rescue Mission for the service, or take some extra minutes to go home, leave the bus, and drive the Yukon (parking is limited). As I got to the intersection to turn toward the Rescue Mission, I felt prompted to go straight and on to our house.  When I got home, and looked at my phone, I saw that I had gotten a notice from the Police Dept. that the street I would have been on was blocked by heavy traffic for a sporting event. I very likely would have been delayed extensively. God knew, and he gently prompted me.  Isn’t the Lord wonderful? I sensed it as a special reminder that He will guide our steps.”


At the Rescue Mission, the girls ministered in song (Pictured above) and then Bro Martin preached about the “Wings of Victory.” Three people came forward to pray for salvation.


As Bro. Martin was picking up people from Bean’s Cafe for church Sunday morning,  Bro Martin asked a man, John*, if he wanted to come to church. He said, “Sure. But you can’t get me on that bus with this  motorized wheelchair.” Bro Martin replied, “Oh, yes, I can. It has a lift!” He was enthusiastic, “Really? Well, sure, I’ll go with you. Thank you so much!” We are so thankful for how God has provided the bus. It is a daily blessing in the ministry.


Bro Martin shares a happening from Sunday:


“Galen* was the last to get on the bus. As he staggered to the back of the bus, he spoke out to the people. “Hey, people, remember Native pride!” I spoke to him, “The purpose of Hope Church is to exalt Jesus Christ, so we will honor Him on this bus.” I heard someone say to him, “Galen*, sit down and be quiet.” He said, “I’m going to bring back the Native songs and mix them into the worship. When I let the people off at the Church, I stepped aside with him. I said, “Galen*, you know that I love you and want you to come to church. But I cannot allow you to disrupt the service. (He has on a number of occasions.) Have you been drinking?” (I could smell it on him.) He answered, “No.” I asked, “When did you drink last?” He replied, “Yesterday. But that was yesterday.” I said, “God is not the author of confusion, so I’m telling you that you are to be quiet and not distract people who really want to hear from God.” He said, “Are you threatening me?” To that I replied, “No, I’m not threatening you. But I want you to understand that Jesus is Lord in this place, and you are to honor and respect that.” He disrupted the service some, but during the lunch, he was very rude, elbowing people to get into line and ask for seconds before others had had firsts. The girls serving told him no.  Once when he was going to sit down at a table with benches, he stumbled, knocked the bench over and spilled some of his soup on the table. Then later, he fell out of his chair, onto the floor, writhing like he was having a seizure. Another brother & I prayed for him, and the security guard called 911. After several minutes (maybe 5), he got up with wild eyes, saying, “I hate James Martin. I’m afraid of him. I’m not afraid of anybody else, but I’m afraid of him, because he has God in him.” When the paramedics and firemen arrived, he told them there were 3000 with him. They did not take him in, but required that he come out to the ambulance and sign their paper. My prayer is, Oh, Lord! Please let the open reward you promised for giving, fasting and prayer be the deliverance of Galen* and others like him who are bound by Satan’s powers.”


Thank you so much for agreeing with us in prayer for the precious people of Anchorage, Alaska.