Julie, Jalisa, and Joy are doing great with holding down the fort in Alaska while Dad and Jordan are in the Lower 48. They have been making the most of their time by being a blessing to others.

On Saturday, the girls took food over to a man and his wife that volunteers at the Downtown Soup Kitchen and also attends Hope Church. This man has had a lot of physical problems lately. The lady shared with the girls that they have never had someone bring food over to their house before. This precious man wept as he thought of their thoughtfulness.

The girls invited some young ladies over from the Muldoon Christian Assembly last Friday night. They had a good time, and were able to share some of the reasons for how God has lead them in modesty and femininity. These young ladies were blessed by how Julie, Jalisa & Joy embraced their femininity and it caused these young ladies to rethink the way they dress.

Julie shared that Sunday went well at Hope Church. A man that has taken care of Hope Church at other times lead the service and a retired Pentecostal minister that works with the Homeless extensively in Anchorage preached. The attendance was down due to it being the first of the month, but they still had a good service. They will be glad to have Bro. Martin back next week!

We greatly appreciate your prayers for the work in Anchorage, Alaska!