We are so excited to share about the great response in the altars this week at Hope Church. The retired Pentecostal Minister that preached last Sunday also preached this Sunday. Julie shares that he made the altar call with such an urgency for the people to be saved where if they didn’t respond they would’ve wished later that the would have! We praise the Lord for 15 people coming forward to make an initial commitment to Jesus Christ.

We ask you to please pray that God will anoint the Martin family in discipleship of these precious people. We realize that it’s more than just a one-time prayer of repentance: they need to be established in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Bro. Martin and Jordan enjoyed their stay in the Lower 48 and were able to take care of some much-needed business at the home place, visit family, and minister in several churches. Julie shared that the church people have been asking, “When is Pastor James coming back?” Jordan shared that he has missed the church people so much in this time of being away. It was touching to hear Jordan share that God has given him such a love for the homeless people that he sees them as no different than any other higher class of people. This is God’s Love!

Bro. Martin and Jordan are arriving back in Anchorage today. They will ‘hit the ground running’ resuming previous responsibilities and ministry opportunities.

We greatly appreciate your support of Hope for the Home and the Martin family!

May God bless you!