Hope Church Report

The precious people of Hope Church were so excited for Bro. Martin and Jordan to be back! Bro. Martin picked up 3 loads on the bus yesterday morning. Along with the ones that came with other transportation and on foot, we had a total of around 100 people at Hope Church. Bro. Martin shares, “There was great excitement in the people to be at church!”

We are thankful to share that there was a calmness in the atmosphere: no drama or unruliness. To God be the Glory! Throughout the service, God’s presence was so sweet and real. Bro Martin preached about Jesus feeding the five thousand. One of his primary points was drawn from where Jesus says, “They need not depart.” The disciples were wanting them to go elsewhere to find what they needed, but Jesus wanted to settle the fact that He was the Provider of their needs. He also brought out the words of Jesus, “Make the men sit down.” Bro. Martin shared that there is a delicate balance between independence in taking care of what we can and the right sense of dependence on what only God and others can do in our lives. He brought out this point especially in relation to our spiritual needs. We need the humility to realize we need God’s help. Furthermore, he shared of Jesus’ value of the fragments. No matter how broken or wasted, Jesus still desires that NONE be lost!

A 49 year old lady who had only been homeless for a few days came up to Bro. Martin afterward. She shared, “I realize now why I came to church today. I needed to hear God remind me to be patient and wait on God to work things out for me.”

Seven precious souls came forward for prayer. Bro. Martin realizes that these people are from all sorts of religious background; some unaccustomed to coming forward. He strongly encourages them wherever they are to allow Jesus to do a work in their lives. 

A pastor in Oklahoma wanted to do something special with his birthday money that family & friends had given him. He decided to buy a tote full of new winter clothing items he found on clearance and shipped them to us! The workers in the clothing room at the Downtown Hope Center were ecstatic!

We pray you have a wonderful Spring Season!

Thank you for your prayers for Hope Church and the Martin family!