We have a couple weeks of updates to cover in one because of a very hectic week in my life. I do apologize for the absence of an update last week. I want to say how encouraging it has been to hear from some that are reading these updates and enjoying them. We love hearing from you!

Bro Martin has felt that he should lead up to Easter with a strong foundation in the meaning of the Cross. He preached last Sunday on “Your Worst Day can become your Best day” from the story of the thief on the cross whom Jesus told, “This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise”. There was a great response in the altars as souls reached out to Jesus.

On one particular day last week, the family was ministering during the lunch hour at the Downtown Soup Kitchen when Denise* came up. She was an unfamiliar face to the family, but she stood attentively the whole time Bro Martin was speaking. Afterward she spoke up and said, “When I came in today, I was really down. But what you shared has really lifted me up. Thank you!”

Bro Martin ran into Jerry* last week at Bean’s Cafe, whom we have mentioned on another occasion (to read a previous story, click here). This deaf man was thrilled to see Bro. Martin! Bro Martin was informed that Jerry* was in bad health and would probably die soon. However, Jerry* still had that smile on his face and pointed up as if to tell Bro Martin it was okay because he was going to Heaven when he died.

Thank you for supporting Hope for the Home with your finances and prayers!

May God richly bless you!