God blessed in the service at Hope Church this past Sunday in a great way. Bro. Martin preached from Ps. 23 on What you Don’t Have to do without when the Lord is your Shepherd! — “I shall not want.” God had really used this passage to encourage Bro. Martin’s heart that week. As I shared it with the church, they received it and responded very well. Bro. Martin says, “I love these dear people!”

Julie shares a story from the Women’s Shelter this morning: “We had a great devotions this morning at the Women’s Shelter. At the end of the devotions, I encouraged the ladies that if they had given their heart to Christ we would love to hear their testimony. That is when Nadine* shared her testimony. She said that she had grown up in a Christian home for a few years. She would go to church and feel God’s presence and he would talk to her. Nadine* said that she had not felt Gods presence in a very long time; that is, until she came to Hope Church for the first time. She said that she feels so blessed to have a church that she can feel God in.”

Bro Martin met Mary Jane*, a young girl in her 20’s at Anchorage Native Medical Center this week. Bro. Martin introduced himself to her as a chaplain, desiring to encourage her to hope in God for her help. She expressed deep resentment about God “testing her so much,” and wished he would quit it! “I don’t even know how you are in here talking with me. I told them when I checked in that I didn’t want to see a minister.” It seemed that she saw it as a miracle of God’s mercy reaching out to her. But her name was on my list as one with connections to Assembly of God. She went to A/G camp and also went some to the church in the village of St. Michael. She showed Bro. Martin a picture on her phone and asked him to especially pray for her boyfriend Joshua, the son of a minister. Recently, he asked her if she believed in Jesus. She replied “Yes.” He held a knife to her, and said “Then I can cut your heart out.” But he didn’t. She said she wished he had done so. She allowed Bro. Martin to pray with her. Please pray the Lord will continue to deal with her and bring hope back to her troubled heart.

We greatly appreciate you keeping the Martin family and these precious souls in your prayers.
God bless you!

*Names changed to protect privacy