We had a wonderful turn out at Hope Church last Sunday. Bro. Martin preached about the importance of surrendering our will to God’s will. He brought out that it’s not just focusing on the cross that Jesus bore, but also about the cross that He has called upon us to bear. There was a great response in the altars. Several told Bro Martin afterward, “that’s exactly what I needed to hear today!”

A man in the church whom we have shared about before, had a surgery this week. While Bro Martin was there visiting him, one of the nurses that is new to town expressed interest in coming to the church. We praise the Lord for this new contact.

Bro. Martin had a first experience yesterday while visiting the Anchorage Native Medical Center. He went in to visit a young man and as soon as he introduced himself, the man began to cry, “I don’t want to die!” It was his persuasion that a chaplain only comes in when people are about to die. After Bro Martin talked to him for a while, He heard “CODE BLUE” called. Come to find out it was a lady in the room next to where he was. There was around 30 doctors and nurses crammed in there. By direct orders from the lady’s family, they did not do CPR, therefore her time was very limited. Bro Martin was directed into the room by the nurses. He had an opportunity to speak what may have been some of the last words she heard in this life. Bro. Martin felt tremendous weight as he realized the importance of what he said to her. We pray she made it right with the Lord.

Please pray that God will lead the Martin family in the rescuing of souls.