One day at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, Bro. Martin noticed a couple of the volunteers trying to calm down a young girl that was thrashing around. Bro. Martin was informed that she had just taken a hit of spice. Spice is a drug they make from various chemicals as an artificial marijuana. It produces erratic and unpredictable behavior and sometimes death. As Bro. Martin and another volunteer began to pray for this young lady, she settled right down. Praise God: we serve the Prince of Peace!!

On Sunday, May 21st, Bro. Martin took a chance during the service at Hope Church to talk to the people about giving and honoring God with every part of their lives including their finances.
One lady came up after church and said to Bro. Martin, “I’ve been praying why there was a holdup in my life. I haven’t been tithing! The Lord spoke to me today to start tithing and trust God to make the rest stretch to meet my needs.” Praise God for making His Word clear to this sincere lady. Bro Martin preached about the rewards of yielding ourselves to God. The presence of God was felt in such a special way! Two precious souls came forward for salvation and several other desired special prayer.

Julie, Jalisa and Joy returned to the Lower 48 for a trip with Joseph to the New England states. Julie already had to get back to her job, but Jalisa and Joy will be able to stay and visit some family as well as attend Bristow Campmeeting and Sunset Hills Youth Camp.

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