I want to apologize for the drop off in updates for the past couple months. My husband and I have been traveling and itinerating quite a bit lately; therefore, our schedule has been unpredictable. Thank you for your patient understanding.

The family has been diversified in location this month. Julie, Jalisa, and Joy came down the end of May to enjoy a trip with Joseph to the New England States. This was a big highlight for them since they now only have 1 more state, Hawaii, to have visited all 50 States! After their trip, Julie flew back to Alaska for work and Jalisa and Joy stayed for Bristow Campmeeting and Sunset Hills Youth Camp. Jordan was also able to come down for Youth Camp. God met with Jalisa, Jordan, and Joy at youth camp in a very special way.

Bro. Martin also came down in June for a little over a week and was able to attend a few days of Bristow Campmeeting as well as get some needed preparations done for the sale of the Texas home.

On Father’s Day afternoon, Bro. Martin held his first Memorial Service there in Anchorage. A lady who had been a regular guest at the Downtown Soup Kitchen and Women’s Shelter passed away. She had come several times to church, and we sure hope that she was ready for her appointment!

This past Sunday, Bro. Martin preached on a “Miracle of Mercy” from the story of Blind Bartimaeus. The presence of the Lord accomplished much in the service and around 10 came forward for prayer.

Jamin and Allison (along with Allison’s parents, the Dixons) arrived in Alaska Monday night and Tuesday morning. They will be staying for about 10 days. Jamin went with Bro. Martin yesterday to take Jim*, a former pastor in one of the remote villages, to the hospital for an appointment. Jim* remembered Jamin from when he would come with Bro. Martin to their village and couldn’t believe how he had grown up.

*Name changed protect privacy