Wow! It’s hard to describe a month of happenings in one concise email. We will share several highlights and save the rest for another time.

The family has enjoyed having more guests over the summer. Being family makes it even better. Jamin and Allison were able to spend about 10 days in Anchorage. They ministered at Hope Church and did a tremendous job connecting with the people.

Ed and Ruth Jacob (Bro Martin’s first cousin and husband) came for a visit along with Grandpa Martin. The family went with them for a scenic train ride as well as a boat ride to see beautiful glaciers, humpback whales, sea lions, puffins and more. Grandpa (Bro. Harley) Martin says that Alaska and all its beauty has a magnetic pull on him! Uncle Ed & Aunt Ruth (as we call them) were able to stay for a week, but Grandpa was able to stay for nearly 10 days longer.

Grandpa Martin helped Bro. Martin do some needed projects. They mounted a screen to the stage area at Hope Church for the purpose of being able to have song lyrics, announcements, etc. They also extended the stage at Hope Church thus providing more room to minister.

Bro Martin was called in to the Hospital one Friday to spend time with a family whose relative was being put on comfort care. He ended up staying over 8 hours. He was called in again the next week for a similar case. Bro Martin believes these times are crucial to talk with the individuals as well as their families and is thankful for the opportunity. He received a call a few days after he had spent that extended time with the family and was asked to take part in the funeral service for their relative.

Grandpa Martin was a blessing at Hope Church and also at the Rescue Mission where the family ministers on a monthly basis.

The Martins felt honored to have Steve and Karen Boggs (Bro. Davy Bogg’s brother) surprise them at the Soup Kitchen ministry and then come to their home while they were visiting Anchorage.
The family was also pleased to meet Ms. Kathy Beshon (pictured above) from northern Kentucky. She visited the Downtown Soup Kitchen and seemed touched by the ministry there.

We greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support of Hope for the Home and the Martin family.

Please forgive me for the lack of weekly updates the past couple months. This has been a very busy time for Derek and I with relocating to McAllen, Texas for Language School. Now that we are down here and getting settled in, I will be resuming the weekly updates. Thank you for your patience!

God bless you!!

Joanna Rich