July 23, 2017 was a very special day for the Martins and Hope Church. This day marked the 1 year Anniversary of the beginning of Hope Church. God has done amazing things this year for which we give Him ALL the glory! We began with about 30-50 that first Sunday, and now we have as many as 100-150 most Sundays. On this special day, Julie, Jalisa and Joy joined in beautiful harmony to sing the hymn, “Great is thy Faithfulness.” It was a special time to reminisce of God’s faithfulness throughout this past year. Grandpa Martin was still there at that time, so he was asked to bring forth the message. There was a sweet presence of the Lord in the service and great fellowship afterward.

God has opened other doors of ministry for the family as well. Bro. Martin was asked to preach all the Sunday nights in August at Muldoon Community Assembly. God has anointed Bro Martin to bring forth messages that have touched the hearts of the people. The people have expressed their appreciation for the family’s ministry in song and Scripture as well.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Martin family!!

God bless you!