Hope For The Home | Strengthening the home through proclaiming hope to all nations in Alaska and beyond

Who We Are

Since 2000, the James Martin Family has been engaged in ministry across the North American continent.

What We Do

We focus on strengthening Christian families and discipling Native Americans in Alaska and beyond.

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We cannot do this work alone. Partner with us in prayer, giving, or volunteering.

Hospitality Opens Doors

Julie, Jalisa, and Joy are doing great with holding down the fort in Alaska while Dad and Jordan are in the Lower 48. They have been making the most of their time by being a blessing to others. On Saturday, the girls took food over to a man and his wife that...

Women’s Shelter and Hope Church Update

Women’s Shelter Update:   We want to thank Sis Teresa Smith and the ladies from Martha’s Heart Ministries in Tulsa, OK for the donation of 60 scarves for the Women’s Shelter ladies. The ladies were thrilled to receive these scarves (pictured above). One of...

Hope Church Update

Thanks to Pastor Donny Smith in Arlington, Texas, we now have “Hope Church” on the bus along with the address for the church and contact number.   There was about 100 in attendance at Hope Church this Sunday. Bro Martin preached about God being our...

Anchorage Update

This weekend was quite eventful for the family in Alaska. The Downtown Soup Kitchen had a special event on Saturday where they did a backpack giveaway, lunch, and foot washing. Bro Martin shared a devotional from John 13 on  “Practical Expressions of Love.”...


Bro Martin shares a powerful incident this week:   “On Friday at the Downtown Soup Kitchen / Hope Center: I read and exhorted from John 3:14-21. A fellow then came up and sat down at a table close to us as we sang and played “Amazing Grace.” He was weeping....

Alaskan Update

We had a really good service this Sunday. Bro Martin preached “How the Curious becomes Committed” from the story of Zacchaeus. Bro Martin shares, “I could tell the regulars were drinking in the message. Two came forward for prayer first and then as we prayed for...

Alaskan Update

Everything is going well with the Martins in Anchorage. There has been quite a lot of adjustments to their lives with an increasing amount of snow build-up.  They have over 2 foot of snow with a continual downfall and the weather predicts to be snowing all week. Some...

Millikin/McCutcheon Ministry in Alaska

We are coming to you with wonderful news from the Martins in Anchorage, Alaska. They have thoroughly enjoyed having the Millikin family and Sis Rachel McCutcheon there this week. They have had some wonderful experiences together such as ministering at the Downtown...

Anchorage Update

Happy New Year from the Martins!   We are excited to share some news from Anchorage in the beginning of this New Year! There was a great turnout at Church on Sunday, the 1st. At the close of a great service, many raised their hands for salvation. It is our prayer...

Christmas in Anchorage, Alaska

Bro Martin shares: “Hello from Alaska! I hope y’all had a Merry Christmas, and anticipate a Hope-filled New Year. God is helping us– we are staying really busy in the Lord’s work. Sunday was great! We had about 80 for church, and a number of...

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