What we Do

Empowering Anchorage’s Native Homeless Population

Anchorage has a large homeless population, with key drivers being the high cost of living, substance abuse, and cultural breakdown. We have partnered with the Downtown Soup Kitchen to serve bowls of soup and words of encouragement to the Homeless Community. Bro. Martin shares that he enjoys making friends with the Natives and sharing the Gospel with them. The Martin family often share songs and Scripture while the people eat their meal. The girls are involved with a Women’s Shelter, while Bro. Martin drives a van to pick up clients for the services provided at the shelter.

We are focused upon proclaiming hope in Jesus to so many here that have lost hope for a brighter future.

Average number of Homeless people in Anchorage

The Martin Girls sing for the Soup Kitchen guests


Percentage of Natives in the overall homeless population in Anchorage

Hospital Chaplaincy at Alaska Native Medical Center

Visiting the Sick and Diseased

Because of the rural nature of Alaska, many Native people must come to Anchorage for medial treatment. Bro. Martin and Julie are authorized to serve in the Hospital. Bro. Martin serves as a volunteer chaplain, while Julie Martin serves as a Hospital Religious Volunteer. Many of those who are in the Hospital lack the support system of friends and family close by, so being able to have a friendly face coming around is a great blessing.

Providing Resources for Families

We currently multiple messages by James & Carol Martin to help families who want “hope for their home”. We definitely do not feel like we have all the answers. We have made many mistakes and continue to seek the Lord for his grace. We hope to make them available soon through an online store.

Partnering for Transformation

For 15 years, we traveled coast to coast throughout the United States and even into Canada and Mexico in ministry to Native American tribes on various reservations. While we have focused our efforts upon Alaska, we are thankful for the continued work that is going on throughout the United States to make disciples among the Native American peoples.

South Dakota Youth Camp

South Dakota Youth Camp

Dr. J.G. Creel, Director

Our hearts have been touched by this time set aside to be with the young people from the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. The Richmond Lake Bible camp provides a nice place for lodging, meals, services, recreational activities, and one-on-one connection. This youth camp is directed by Native pastor and doctor, John G. Creel from Cottageville, SC and coordinated by Joseph Martin. Groups from Kentucky, South Carolina and Alabama have come as counselors, kitchen help, medical assistance, and more. The real joy comes in seeing these children touched by the Spirit of the Lord in the services. The hardest of hearts have become tender, as the sweet presence of the Lord has saturated the place. Our prayer is that these children will get an experience with God during this week that will guide them in the direction of their future choices.

Annual North Dakota Family Crusade

Annual North Dakota Family Crusade

Pastor, Brandon & Joy Wegener

We have been ministering on the Spirit Lake Reservation outside of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota for around 13 years. The location of the church and pastor has changed over this time, yet God has continued to give us an open door of ministry there. Pastor Brandon Wegener and family have been so kind and helpful in directing and giving wisdom to our team in working with the Natives. We usually have a four-night kid’s crusade with anywhere from 200- 300 children present. We also have outreach opportunities during the afternoons in various housing developments on the Reservation. We end each evening with feeding all the children a hot meal.