Hope For The Home | Strengthening the home through proclaiming hope to all nations in Alaska and beyond

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Since 2000, the James Martin Family has been engaged in ministry across the North American continent.

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We focus on strengthening Christian families and discipling Native Americans in Alaska and beyond.

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We cannot do this work alone. Partner with us in prayer, giving, or volunteering.

2nd Anniversary at Hope Church

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by at Hope Church. We were thrilled to have Bro. Mike & Sis. Sheila Shelton with us for this special occasion. Bro. Shelton shared a powerful message on “Decisions Determine Destiny”. Several responded to the...

God is Working In Anchorage

"IT'S A MIRACLE" Carolyn* was sitting up in her chair! On Saturday, when Bro. Martin last saw her, she was put down (in a medically induced coma) because of liver failure. Bro. Martin prayed then with her tearful and fearful husband beside her bed. However on this...

A Chaplaincy Testimony

Bro. Martin was visiting people at Anchorage Native Medical Center (ANMC) last week when a nurse came up to him. She told him that they wanted him to visit a lady who had been asking for a preacher to talk to. She further relayed that they knew that he should be the...

Anchorage, AK: Chaplaincy Testimonies Part 1

A Touching Story from a Hospital Room Bro Martin shares, As I approached the private hospital room, I noticed the door was closed and the placard was posted with instructions to wear the protective gown and gloves. A nurse was standing nearby, so I asked if now was a...

Anchorage, AK: July Update

Wow! It's hard to describe a month of happenings in one concise email. We will share several highlights and save the rest for another time. The family has enjoyed having more guests over the summer. Being family makes it even better. Jamin and Allison were able to...

Anchorage, Alaska: June Update

I want to apologize for the drop off in updates for the past couple months. My husband and I have been traveling and itinerating quite a bit lately; therefore, our schedule has been unpredictable. Thank you for your patient understanding. The family has been...

Anchorage, Alaska: Delayed Update

One day at the Downtown Soup Kitchen, Bro. Martin noticed a couple of the volunteers trying to calm down a young girl that was thrashing around. Bro. Martin was informed that she had just taken a hit of spice. Spice is a drug they make from various chemicals as an...

Anchorage, AK: Code Blue

We had a wonderful turn out at Hope Church last Sunday. Bro. Martin preached about the importance of surrendering our will to God's will. He brought out that it’s not just focusing on the cross that Jesus bore, but also about the cross that He has called upon us to...

Anchorage, Alaska: Testimonies and Opportunities

God blessed in the service at Hope Church this past Sunday in a great way. Bro. Martin preached from Ps. 23 on What you Don't Have to do without when the Lord is your Shepherd! -- "I shall not want." God had really used this passage to encourage Bro. Martin’s heart...

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